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From experience as a PowerPoint and Word specialist, we continually see templates which have been supplied by graphic designers as part of a client’s identity, and invariably they have not been properly constructed to give the best functionality while encouraging adherence to the design guidelines. We have specialised in producing PowerPoint templates and building high-end presentations for almost 20 years. From this experience, we have an unparalleled knowledge of the correct way to set up a new PowerPoint templates and the extra options that can be incorporated which would not be known to casual users. When working with graphic designers, we will very often make recommendations which can improve functionality, ease of use or brand guideline compliance.

Microsoft PowerPoint
Simple details like the sequencing of colours can dramatically improve the functionality of a finished template.

Our PowerPoint templates feature some or all of the following depending on requirements;


Microsoft Word
Most client documents are now produced in these formats and emailed rather than printed on headed stationery, so getting the document structure correct is vital.

Our MS Word service is as comprehensive as you need to give your clients the best outcomes in everyday use;

We have 20 years’ experience in creating and, more importantly, in using templates which gives us insights into the practical  pitfalls of poorly executed templates.


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